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Project Description

The MDM Program’s xR Prototyping lab is intended to support projects and partnerships with developers categorizing themselves within the xR umbrella. The prototyping lab is dedicated to creating an adaptive xR prototyping pipeline. The xR Prototyping Lab is in itself, be a working prototype, intended to align research interests with other companies. 

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Five partners are working with this dedicated student team on a series of rapid xR prototyping sprints this summer:

Small Stage

Combining technology and arts, Small Stage is a non-profit platform that has produced dance experiences for many years and is now introducing virtual dance experiences, “blending art and technology for a brand new way to experience dance.” Together with small stage our goal is to prototype an Augmented Reality (AR) pipeline to show one or more ways that virtual dance can be presented in a public space. 

Some of the motivations we brainstormed with small stage to create A(d)R experiences include:

  • Geolocation constraints: Dances are mostly performed at specific places, such as studios and theaters. What might they look like in a public space?
  • Public’s limited perception of dance makes it difficult to make a connection with the general public at social events. How might the general public’s perception of dance change when experiencing virtual dances in public spaces.


UBC Theatre and Film Department are helping their students to prepare for future careers, which includes set design, costume, theatre production, teaching, curating, filmmaking, arts administration and writing. The goal is to prototype an Augmented Reality (AR) pipeline to show one or more ways that set designers can use AR for stage design that can allow users to apply lighting on objects or collaborate with other set designers.  

Virtual VR

With diverse characters, voice actors and stories, Virtro develops a different experience to users. Virtro is a one of the best female-led companies, they have a diverse point of view, unlike other companies. The goal is to prototype an Augmented Reality (AR) pipeline to try to improve game aesthetics.


Combining immersive, bio-responsive, transformative and Virtual Reality (VR) that provides the humanity and society in a positive way. The system can detect a human heart rate, breathing, and goosebumps, that can create an environment in VR. The goal is to prototype a VR pipeline to allow users to impact the environment through bio-responsive with a different environment.


Occipital introduced a 3D sensor (Structure Sensor) for mobile devices and a mixed reality HMD for an iPhone that allows for 4DoF tracking called Bridge. To use Bridge to build an application, Occipital's engine is compatible with both the sensor and structure core that includes the hardware and software stack. The goal of this project is to leverage the bridge headset to create an exciting new prototype.


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