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Nux locates himself and his work in the intersection of arts, technology, and humanities. As a beneficiary of his generation’s unprecedented digital encounters, he trains himself to envision a step-wise perfection for our digital experience form factors, and bring ideas to engineered reality in an aesthetic and natural way.

Nux’s expertise revolves around designing and crafting digital products. Prior to joining the CDM, he received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Though topping his class by academic measurements, he acquired most of his technical skills not from lectures, but practices. In university, he co-founded Pencilbox, a scenario-focused social media startup, with a group of humble, passionate, and talented friends. The team launched its debut product, UniQ, a per-campus social platform for the collegiate audience (we called it the equivalence of Facebook Campus before it existed). As team lead and main creator, Nux quickly equipped himself with tools and skillsets in frontend development, interface design, and product management. He practices agile workflows and is an advocate of flat hierarchy.

Nux joins the MDM program for a personal transformation in creative skills, industry exposure, and leadership insights. He wants to extend his exposure to the interactive entertainment industry in particular, utilizing his technical skills and aesthetics to deliver impacts to the mixed reality entertainment segments. His short-term career goal is to be a techical designer and/or techical director in the industry.

In his spare time, Nux likes making cool stuff with audio-visual toolkits. He is an expert amateur in sound production, Audio CD collection, and frequency response curves. He also actively digests literature and commentaries in contemporary politics.


Dec 2023 (Cohort 17)


  • Game Designer
  • Product Developer
  • Product Manager