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The ANSWER (Animated, Self-serve, Web-based Research) Tool is an interactive website designed to promote shared decision-making between patients and their doctors, and to educate patients about treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). With support from CIHR (Canadian Institute of Health Research), researchers at the University of British Columbia and the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada worked with MDM students to develop the tool and build a suite of instructional videos. The team was led by clinical epidemiologist Dr. Linda Li and social worker Paul Adam. "The patients can use the program to find information tailored to their condition and print out a one-page report with their concerns, questions and initial decisions about treatment. They can then take this report to discuss with their doctor," says Dr. Li.

Apr 2009 (Cohort 1)
Apr 2010 (Cohort 2)
Apr 2011 (Cohort 3)