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George Johnson

George Johnson  | faculty

Before joining the MDM faculty, George Johnson began instructing at the Vancouver Film School, focusing on the production of documentary programs. In his career, George has worked in virtually every sector of the film industry. He was formerly a Producer for the National Film Board of Canada (NFBC), during which time he produced, directed or edited more than 120 productions. Prior to joining the NFBC, he had worked on a wide range of films in the private sector and established a successful production and editing company. A British Columbia native, George learned the basics of filmmaking during the early days of the Simon Fraser University Film Workshop in Vancouver, Canada.

Projects: 7 Days, ANSWER , ANSWER Tool, Arthritis and Employment: Making it Work, Arthritis and Employment: Making it Work 2, Be The Change Earth Alliance, Boblivious, Chunky White Crunch, Crush, DigiRunner, Fattie’s Butterfly Hunt, Gold Mountain Guest, Intersection, Kokokura, Last Minutes, Last Rites, Managotchi, Moobaa, Mordant, Neartuit, Nubi, Popcorn Bucket, PopTune, Sky Palace, SMILE, Soul.exe, Talon, Tarot, The Dharma Project, The Misfit Moose, Three of a Kind, Thundercats, UFO13, Ursus Maritimus, Without A Time Limit