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Empowering Creativity with AI: Transforming Artistic Expression

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Artists have long played a vital role in pushing the boundaries of technology and exploring its potential for storytelling, envisioning better futures, and fostering understanding among diverse communities. The transformative power of these artistic endeavors is instrumental in driving positive change in society. In today's rapidly evolving landscape, one of the most significant developments is the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on artistic expression.

AI has opened up new avenues for creativity and expanded access to artistic practices. However, with anything ‘new’, requires education & understanding so that us users can raise important questions & considerations that demand our attention as we continue to develop and rely on the complex power of AI. To address these issues and promote responsible and inclusive use of AI in art, Team SignalBoosters (Michelle Mak, Sarah Xu, Ruby Wang, Kate Kolasa, Yiming Zheng, and Lakshay Sethi) is undertaking a project to develop an open-access digital creation toolkit and pipeline that aims to democratize access to creative tools and foster a dialogue on use of AI tools among artists, technologists, game developers, software engineers, and other digital creators.

Our vision for this project is to showcase AI’s potential in a creative way but also demonstrate how the overal pipeline can be integrated into users everyday creative journies. By harnessing AI's strengths and understanding its limitations, we strive to utilize it ethically, legally, creatively, and equitably. Our objective is to reimagine the traditional creative process in various domains, by leveraging AI to enhance and replace certain steps, enabling rapid iteration and prototyping. Furthermore, we intend to prototype a collaborative, generative experience adaptable to different formats, from online platforms to large-scale live events.

Looking ahead, we envision a future where the creative potential of AI is harnessed creatively and responsibly, supporting diverse voices and fostering innovation. By encouraging understanding and collaboration or co-creation among artists and technologists, we hope to shape a society where technology transforms our world for the better."

Signal Boosters
Dec 2023 (Cohort 17)