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Hollerena: Generative AI Integrated Speech-Powered Mech Robot Arena Battle Game with Buffalo Buffalo

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We are team CanCan and are in collaboration with the Vancouver-based game studio Buffalo Buffalo. They are a familiar client with CDM as they’ve worked with another team Mr. Jezz in Project 2. We were provided with 3 simulations from an AI party pack games called Doppelgänger, which the company conceptualized and were asked to choose 1 to develop. After careful consideration such as project scope and time limitation, an equal distribution of work, and whether the final product is innovative, the team unanimously voted on Hollerna - a Generative AI Integrated Speech-Powered Mech Robot Arena Battle Game. 

Our goal is to implement a system where players interact with the game environment using voice commands, processed through speech-to-text technology. Adding divine interventions mid-game by integrating Large Language Models (LLM) to allow players to gain boon & punishment to create an unexpected layer of fun and added chaos into the gameplay. The LLM will serve as an intelligent game master, analyzing player input and the game state to dynamically adjust rules, introduce new elements, and create unique scenarios. By leveraging voice control and LLM-based adaptability, we aim to deliver a gaming environment that feels personalized and dynamic for all players.

Team CanCan
Dec 2024 (Cohort 18)