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Increasing Access to Justice: Creating a Digital Platform to Improve Intake

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The Justice Data and Design Lab, along with the Amici Curiae Friendship Society assists individuals navigating complex legal issues. They work to provide the public legal support and access to justice. However, the current intake process presents a significant hurdle, demanding compassionate yet efficient handling of clients. Limited resources necessitate swift intake procedures without compromising on empathy and detail.

The goal is to create an intake system that empowers users, organizes their information, and facilitates seamless communication with volunteers that is quick and compassionate. This initiative addresses a common challenge among legal service providers, with potential for widespread impact on access to justice. The Access to Justice program at UVic Law School has identified intake processes as a key area for improvement, highlighting the pressing need for innovative solutions. Collaborations with other legal support organizations further underscore the importance of modernizing intake procedures. The JDD Lab seeks to address these challenges by developing user-friendly technologies that revolutionize the intake experience for legal service users.

The team is to explore a digital platform that uses new technologies such as LLMs and AI, to create an improved intake experience. Along with user design and calming aesthetics, the team will help the client move toward their goal– improved access to justice, via a better approach to user groups who need support with legal issues.

Team Justice
Dec 2024 (Cohort 18)