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Brain Bros

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Team Purpose:

The purpose of BrainBros team is to create an engaging game that could be applied as an educational tool in learning Neuroscience.  

Team Objectives:

During the first term, BrainBros team created a 3D mobile game that proved itself to be a good educational and reviewing tool for UBC neuroanatomy students. The game contained two educational chapters designed to facilitate learning of the brain structures and neuroanatomical pathways. This term we are intending to focus on the engagement. The team will introduce a new chapter ‘Cortex’, a new engaging mechanics and animated elements. The leaderboard concept will be implemented into the game that will allow medical students from different universities to compete with each other. Finally, the game will be uploaded on Apple Store and Play store and will be accessible for students around the world. 

Dec 2019 (Cohort 13)