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VR Automotive Training Simulator with Vancouver Community College

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Vancouver Community College Automotive has tasked us with developing a virtual reality (VR) simulation to enhance the training of automotive students in safely repairing and replacing electric vehicle (EV) batteries. Current training methods rely heavily on instructor supervision due to the risks of physical injury, fire, and electrocution, leading to slow learning processes. Traditional resources like service manuals and instructional guides require constant monitoring by instructors, which is challenging given the extensive curriculum and limited instructional time.

The proposed VR simulation aims to allow students to practice the battery replacement process in a risk-free environment, offering step-by-step guidance and feedback on their performance. This tool will enable students to refine their skills outside supervised class time, better preparing them for hands-on training. The simulation will be interactive, incorporating safety standards and potential fail states to highlight the consequences of incorrect actions. Additionally, it will feature gamification elements to make learning more engaging.

Successful implementation at Vancouver Community College could lead to the expansion of this simulation for various vehicle types and potential commercialization for use in other institutions. The design of the simulation will be closely aligned with the instructional methodologies of VCC's automotive instructors, ensuring a practical and effective learning experience.

Dec 2024 (Cohort 18)