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Andrew is a Development Manager at Electronic Arts' Visceral Games Studio in Montreal, Quebec. He is working on a AAA-games team on an unannounced project.

As a student at the MDM, Andrew was an EA Scholar Award Winner and was elected Student Representative for all three Cohorts at the Centre for Digital Media for the 2010-11 academic year. He specializes in interdisciplinary project management, and facilitated numerous design, scoping and rapid prototyping workshops with project teams internal and external to the MDM.

In his personal life, Andrew is an accomplished stand-up comedian and performer, which has taught him to fail with grace, act confident and not sweat the small stuff. He is an avid student of behavioural economics and social psychology, as well as collaborative visual design techniques. Andrew's time at the MDM has given him the tools to help the world learn, laugh and live a better life through creative expression in digital media.


Apr 2011 (Cohort 3)
Interview with Andrew