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Kanger (Karl) Qian


Kanger "Karl" Qian is a digital art generalist with 2d/3d concept design, motion graphic design, UI design and video editing skills, among which he values 3d-assisted design the most. 

As a firm believer in the overwhelming power that digital media has to change the way people educate, entertain and inform, he decided without any doubts to thrive in this discipline after finishing an undergraduate degree in animation from Southeast University. He has begun producing artwork for games since 18, and has created icons, backgrounds, props, and characters for Gameley and Jifan, China. While working, he is goal-oriented, detailed, and communicative.

Besides what he does at work, Qian is an easygoing nerd and an avid video gamer. He likes Minecraft the most out of his interests in construction. In addition, he played piano for over 14 years, and enjoys photographing.


Dec 2022 (Cohort 16)


  • 2D Designer
  • 3D Designer
  • Animator / VFX
  • Concept Artist
  • UI Designer
  • Video Editor