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VIBE: Bringing Back Adventure To Online Dating

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How to create human connection in a progressively digital world?  

Team VIBE aims to create a better mobile dating app by expediting the meeting process so two people can discover each other in person. Current apps are designed to keep people hiding behind their screens, taking away from the thrill of learning about someone new. We'd like to change that.

VIBE wants to connect people and bring them face-to-face. It aims to accelerate the meeting process by matching users based on their time availability and activity. Instead of simply matching another user based on their profile, individuals will set a vibe; a proposed activity, date or mood of what they'd like to do, and the time they are available to meet. Once matched, the objective is that the two users meet and decide if they like each other after spending time together rather than spending time messaging. The app encourages users to be transparent about what they are looking for and if they'd like to see their match again. Unlike common dating apps users can only match and converse with one user at a time.

Team VIBE is on a mission to discover what millennials want, how they interact with apps, and how we can improve their online dating experience. Unique features and functions including double dates, follow hashtags, voice notes, video chat, and others will be tested to ensure the app delivers an experience that is unique and effective. 

VIBE is a venture project started at the Centre for Digital Media. The brainchild of our PM Meg Dimma, VIBE began in our Foundations course as an idea for a new type of dating app, and kept growing from there. With the additions of designers and fellow cohort members Terence Yung and Isabel Hughes to the team, VIBE was pitched in March to a panel of experts and got the green light to move forward. VIBE is a self-directed pitch project! 

Dec 2020 (Cohort 14)