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Transforming Hospital Visits: Reducing Children's Anxiety through Interactive Art and Technology

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Children often feel anxious during hospital visits due to unfamiliar environments, fear of medical procedures, and long wait times, which can negatively impact their mental health. This anxiety may lead to a long-term aversion to medical care.

To address this, our goal is to reduce anxiety during hospital visits by creating a fun and engaging environment that caters to the emotional and psychological needs of children and their parents. By blending technology and art, we aim to turn wait times into positive experiences. We are developing a drawing web application for children aged 3-12, primarily targeting mobile devices. This app allows children to create drawings in different themes. These drawings can be enhanced by AI and displayed in real-time on digital walls or any screen-based device via a URL, providing joyful distractions.

By incorporating joyful moments into their hospital experience, the long-term goal is fostering positive associations with the hospital, improving their overall mental health and creating a more supportive and engaging environment through community building.

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Dec 2024 (Cohort 18)