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Team Archiact and Friends

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Friend 2 Friend, a client of Archiact, is looking to create a virtual reality experience that will compliment their already-successful live Autism Demystification program, and allow them to offer the VR experience alongside their existing program for greater exposure.

F2F feels VR is the next step in developing this program because it gives users a more personal, first-hand experience of what people with autism experience. Friend 2 Friend's goal is to "Provide a powerful, multi-sensory learning experience using a series of activities that model, label, explain and normalize the characteristics of autism, thereby demystifying the participants while at the same time teaching prosocial communication strategies promoting social inclusion."

Friend 2 Friend and Archiact have partnered with The Centre for Digital Media in order to create a short demo version of the experience that F2F can use at conferences and for grant applications to further develop the VR program.

Dec 2018 (Cohort 12)