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Master of Digital Media Alumnus Nominated for Academy Award

December 5, 2023

From being rejected from every job she applied for, to working on an Academy award nominated film, Eugenia Orozco, Centre for Digital Media (CDM) Alumnus, represents the perseverance and drive that embody so many of CDM’s students and alumni. 

Eugenia worked on the animated movie The Sea Beast as a 3D Animator. The movie—a tale of a child seeking adventures in the high seas that subverts classic seafaring adventure mythology— was nominated for an Academy award in the Best Animated Feature category in 2023. But her journey to get here wasn’t always smooth sailing. In fact, it was yet another rejection email that lit the spark in Eugenia, who knew she needed to venture towards a different path if she wanted to fulfill her career aspirations.

That’s what pulled Eugenia towards Centre for Digital Media’s Master of Digital Media (MDM) program. With a focus on empowering students with the skills needed to propel their careers forward, it was exactly what she was looking for. “I knew I needed to improve my collaboration and teamwork skills, specifically in industry settings”, says Eugenia. “Everything I learned in the MDM proved invaluable when it came to interviewing for a job, addressing concerns or inquiries from leadership, and overall, it greatly enhanced my confidence in speaking up, which are all important factors for a successful career”.

One unique thing about the MDM is the bond built between faculty and the other students, which provides learners with unique and diverse insights. “One of the most impactful experiences in the MDM was the people I was able to work with, from faculty, real-world clients, and other students. It allowed me to gain insights into working with people beyond my own field of expertise. The faculty were also very supportive of my career aspirations and provided loads of insights”. 

Aside from Sony Imageworks, known for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Eugenia has also worked for other leading animation and VFX studios including Bron, Icon, and Bardel, where she contributed to a production that was recently released on Disney +, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. What she loves about her career is the ability to bring characters to life, getting into the mindset of their personalities, and soaking up inspiration from people around her. “I thrive on the excitement of always working on something new, which keeps me in a constant state of learning and growing. It's such a thrilling journey that fuels my passion and drives me to keep pushing my boundaries!”