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Vancouver’s Strong Universities Play a Key Role in Growing Tech Scene

Vancouver’s tech scene is changing. What was once an industry dominated by small start-up companies is now morphing into an industry with the big tech players.

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Back to Basics: Building for a Human Experience

If I sat you down in front of a bunch of colourful, wooden blocks, what would you do? Chances are, you’d play. You’d build up and build out, you’d try to balance and brace. Some of you might even start playing with counterweights or foundations. And, most likely, you’d do most of it without thinking.

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Visiting Professors: Maria Bakardjieva On New Media Regulation & Ethics

This is a guest post from MDM student Emma Konrad.

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Challenge To Graduate Students: Create a Better Future

When I first took the job as Director of the MDM program, one of my colleagues at SFU pulled me aside to give me some advice. He had been director of a professional school for some years and he cautioned me about the way in which industry demands can sometimes divert a program from its mission. What I would find, he said, was that the industry (and even the students) would be keen for me to provide an education that would reproduce the people and skills that the industry already had, to fill the jobs that they had right now.

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MDM Students Create Ancient VR City with UBC Archeology

A team of MDM students are working to create an ancient VR city this semester. Working with UBC’s department of Archeology and KAMBE, the team has been tasked with creating a completely new type of archeological experience. By combining existing remote sensing technologies and geophysics with immersive technologies, the team wants to give users a sense of what it was like to live in Late Bronze Age Cyprus.

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What is (Augmented and Immersive) Digital Media?

A while back I wrote a blog post titled What is Digital Media? Judging by the traffic to the article, a lot of people have the same question. I recently re-read that post and decided I wouldn’t change a thing. I do think that it could do with some addition, however.

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Three MDM Student Cohorts Work Together To Develop VR Theater at SIGGRAPH

This past summer, Vancouver hosted SIGGRAPH, an annual computer graphics conference.

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How We Managed an xR Prototyping Lab This Summer

This semester, a team of MDM students have formed an xR prototyping lab. Rather

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