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Grad School Application Checklist

Applying to graduate school requires a lot of organization.

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5 Tips For a Killer Graduate School Portfolio

A portfolio is one of the most important pieces of your graduate school application. Not only does it demonstrate your skills, but it shows your level of professionalism in how you’re able to present yourself and your work.

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MDM Students & Alumni Build a World-Class VR Experience, Again!

For the past few years, a team of MDM students and alumni have collaborated to build the VR Theater at SIGGRAPH.

The VR Theater has become one of the main pillars of SIGGRAPH (one of the premier technology conferences in the world on computer graphics and interactive techniques) and is a chance for attendees to experience some of the world’s top narrative-driven VR films within a unique group setting.

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MDM Student Team Runner Up In Niantic Beyond Reality Developer Contest

We’re pleased to announce that a team of MDM students and faculty was runner up in the Niantic Beyond Reality Developer Contest. Up against 9 other teams—mostly professional game developers—the MDM team was the only student

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4 Ways MDM Students Are Exploring Digital Media in Healthcare

It's an exciting time for digital media in healthcare.

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Teaching Cultural Humility in Healthcare with the First Nations Health Authority

How would it feel to be dismissed, ridiculed and rejected when you’re sick and in need of medical attention? How would it feel if the pain you felt was ridiculed and reduced to a mere act that you were putting on? What if the people inflicting this on you are the exact health care practitioners that are supposed to be treating you with dignity and respect?

This is a reality that our client, the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) has to deal with on a daily basis. 

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Back to Basics: Building for a Human Experience

If I sat you down in front of a bunch of colourful, wooden blocks, what would you do? Chances are, you’d play. You’d build up and build out, you’d try to balance and brace. Some of you might even start playing with counterweights or foundations. And, most likely, you’d do most of it without thinking.

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Gerri Sinclair Award Winners on Building a Mixed Reality Concert Experience

Centre for Digital Media’s Gerri Sinclair Award for Innovation in Digital Media is awarded every year to recognize a student or group of students in the MDM Program who cr

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