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Why Digital Media?

Jul 4, 2019 By Richard Smith

This is a guest post from Master of Digital Media Program Director Richard Smith. In previous blog posts I have considered the "what" question of digital media — what is it? But I haven’t yet considered the "why?" I don’t mean "why does it exist?" That would be a whole other topic,...

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Challenge To Graduate Students: Create a Better Future

Jun 5, 2019 By Richard Smith

When I first took the job as Director of the MDM program, one of my colleagues at SFU pulled me aside to give me some advice. He had been director of a professional school for some years and he cautioned me about the way in which industry demands can sometimes divert a program from its mission. What I would find, he said, was that the industry (and even the students) would be keen for me to provide an education that would reproduce the people and skills that the industry already had, to fill the jobs that they had right now.

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On Agility, Fragility and "Watergile"

May 23, 2019 By Richard Smith

Last week I posted something to our Facebook page about the old adage: "when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail." Trite though it may be, this kind of sentiment seems to be a useful way of looking at something our alumni are telling us: the tendency to "over agile" things.

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What is (Augmented and Immersive) Digital Media?

Jan 10, 2019 By Richard Smith

A while back I wrote a blog post titled What is Digital Media? Judging by the traffic to the article, a lot of people have the same question. I recently re-read that post and decided I wouldn’t change a thing. I do think that it could do with some addition, however.

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CDM Welcomes New Faculty Member, Laura Ballay, With 20 years Experience in Interaction Design

Sep 19, 2018 By Crissy Campbell

Centre for Digital Media is pleased to welcome Laura Ballay as the newest full-time faculty to the Master of Digital Media program. Laura has worked at the intersection of human-centered design and technology for the past 20 years and is an expert in leading creative teams and defining...

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Considering the UX of Developing in Multiple Realities

Nov 29, 2017 By Crissy Campbell

This is a guest post from faculty member Dr. Patrick Pennefather. Note: This article is based on the author’s inadvertent and pervasive adventures within the international VR/AR/MR landscape over the past year and a half, presenting at and experiencing China Joy , chairing eight...

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Tom Calvert Receives Canadian Digital Media Pioneer Award

May 31, 2017 By Richard Smith

From our colleagues at the Faculty of Communication, Art, and Technology (FCAT) comes the news of the Canadian Digital Media Pioneer Award being bestowed on Tom Calvert of the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at SFU. Tom has been actively involved in the MDM program since its...

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Faculty Member Larry Bafia has been appointed Producer of the Computer Animation Festival at SIGGRAPH 2018

Mar 3, 2017 By Chris Sroka

Faculty member Larry Bafia has been appointed producer for the 2018 Computer Animation Festival (CAF) at SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques). With attendance in the tens of thousands, this important and globally significant computer...

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