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4 Ways MDM Students Are Exploring Digital Media in Healthcare

Oct 28, 2019 By Crissy Campbell

It's an exciting time for digital media in healthcare. Whether it’s using cutting edge technology to help teach medical school students about the brain or using VR to help kids cope with painful procedures and to help with stroke treatment, the innovation happening in the healthcare...

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Games for Good: MDM Students Build Serious Games

Apr 3, 2019 By Crissy Campbell

This semester three MDM student projects are using games or gamified technology to teach healthy behavioral changes in response to three very different problems industry clients posed to them. The three teams: The Goal Diggers, Viva la Vida, and the Brain Bros—while given different problems and briefed by very different clients—all decided to solve their clients’ problems by building digital, gamified solutions.

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MDM Alumni Launches GPS App to Give Runners a Sense of Direction

Mar 5, 2014 By Crissy Campbell

MDM alumni Craig Slagel and his company Leaping Coyote just launched RunGo , an iPhone app that provides turn-by-turn directions along popular running routes. RunGo is for runners who want to find different routes in their cities, travelers, and runners who are training and want to...

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Hacking Health: Finding Solutions to Advance Digital Health

Feb 28, 2013 By Crissy Campbell

This past weekend, over 150 people came out to the Centre for Digital Media to participate in Hacking Health Vancouver @ Sanotron, an event to connect developers and designers with healthcare professionals. Hacking Health is a national organization that’s dedicated to fostering...

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New Media Director in Residence Focusing on “Open Source” Health

Feb 21, 2013 By Crissy Campbell

The Centre for Digital Media is excited to announce that Tracey Friesen is the new Media Director in Residence. Tracey will be at CDM for the next 6 months working collaboratively with students on Mindset Social Innovation Foundation’s Open Health Initiative. The Open Health Initiative...

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MDM alumnus to develop cutting-edge video projection software for UBC theatre project

Jul 29, 2011 By webdev

Masters of Digital Media program graduate Dhruv Adhia is bringing his computer programming expertise to the world of live theatre. Recently contracted as a programmer for UBC’s Digital Video Illumination (DVI) project, Adhia is excited to begin development of a new software system and...

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Apps contest sees B.C. developers take on climate change with open data

Jul 29, 2010 By webdev

Ryan Nadel believes that being aware of climate change isn’t enough to spur most people to take action to reduce their greenhouse-gas emissions.

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Health Advice From Your Digital Self

Sep 22, 2009 By Anonymous

Healthcare Turns To Digital Media Team To Help Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Choose A Line Of Treatment September 2009 Research Profile CIHR-funded researchers, Linda Li at the University of British Columbia and Paul Adam at the Mary Pack Arthritis Progam, are working with consumer...

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