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Digitial Media Included in Ming Pao's List of Hot Industries

May 1, 2008 By Anonymous

In this year's Ming Pao Education and Career Supplement, digital media was identified along with health services, environmental and earth science, business and engineering as the hottest industries in Canada. The digital media section featured the Masters of Digital Media Program as...

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VPD: Virtual Police Department

May 29, 2007 By Anonymous

Vancouver's police have turned to the make-believe world of online virtual reality in a groundbreaking bid to attract tech-savvy real-life recruits

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B.C.'s new media, entertainment exports on the rise

Nov 4, 2006 By Anonymous

Goods and services produced by new media and entertainment sectors make up a small percentage of the province's exports, but that percentage grows every year. According to figures provided by the B.C. Ministry of Economic Development, hightech goods and services account for less than...

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