Digital Media

Digital Media in Brazil

Centre for Digital Media’s director Richard Smith travelled to Brazil early this semester to connect with Brazil’s digital media industry. This is his account of the trip.

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3 Things We Learned Building a VR Experience

By Daniel Nascimento, Marina Lúcio,

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Bringing Interactivity to Museums: An Interview with MDM Faculty Larry Bafia, Part 2

Larry Bafia has had an incredible career—from the claymation days of Will Vinton Studios, to being the Commerical Animation Director at PDI/Dreamworks, to now being a full-time faculty member at the Centre for Digital Media.

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From Claymation to Digital Media: An Interview with MDM Faculty Larry Bafia, Part 1

Not everyone can say they started their accomplished careers molding characters out of clay.

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Women in Tech: Taking Over the New Master of Digital Media Cohort

For the first time ever, women make up the majority of the Master of Digital Media student cohort.

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GPS, WiFi, and iBeacons: Providing a Natural Digital Media Experience

Indoor positioning is the final frontier to providing a truly natural digital media experience for smartphone users wanting to discover and interact with the world around them. So far, however, nothing about it has been, well, natural.

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5 Expert Insights Into 2015 Digital Media Trends

What is hot in digital media this year? We asked some of the folks we work with regularly – some recent clients of ours, guest speakers at the school, a recent grad who has launched his own company – to give us their thoughts on this question.

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3 Ways Vancouver’s Digital Media Industry is Thriving

1. Expansion & Attraction

One of the greatest things about Vancouver, beyond its natural beauty, is its diversity of people, a collective pioneering spirit and sense of exploration.

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