Digital Media

5 Expert Insights Into 2015 Digital Media Trends

What is hot in digital media this year? We asked some of the folks we work with regularly – some recent clients of ours, guest speakers at the school, a recent grad who has launched his own company – to give us their thoughts on this question.

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3 Ways Vancouver’s Digital Media Industry is Thriving

1. Expansion & Attraction

One of the greatest things about Vancouver, beyond its natural beauty, is its diversity of people, a collective pioneering spirit and sense of exploration.

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Digital media: what does it mean?

My students recently told me that they wanted to know more about the social, moral, ethical, cultural, and environmental implications of digital media. No kidding. Who isn’t worried about this topic these days, right?

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Computational Media – What’s That?

Our colleagues at the University of California, Santa Cruz released a report, Envisioning the Future of Computational Media, last March.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) and Digital Media

The Master of Digital Media program focuses on the interactive and engaging part of digital media.

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6 Digital Media Pioneers Joining Minds at the Centre for Digital Media

What would happen if you put a bunch of creative pioneers in the field of digital media in the same room for three days? What if they were all not just meeting together but living in the same building, and having meals together? This intensive "hot house" environment was the premise

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MDM and IDEA-X Students Teaming Up On Digital Media Projects

MDM students are teaming up with IDEA-X students from China this summer to solve problems for real-world digital media clients.

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