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A New Strategic Plan at the Centre for Digital Media

Feb 21, 2017 By Richard Smith

The board and shareholders of the Great Northern Way Trust (jointly owned by four universities UBC, SFU, Emily Carr, and BCIT and the “parents” of the MDM program) recently approved a new strategic plan for the Centre for Digital Media, the home for the MDM program. This strategic plan...

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Curating the Planets – A Galactic Design Jam For A Science Museum

Oct 11, 2016 By Chris Sroka

For the students of the Master of Digital Media program the first weekend of September is an intense experience. They are asked to create a digital prototype in 48 hours with a group of fellow students they have just met and they know little about. This year we asked them to create...

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Students Learn VR at 4 Week Boot Camp

Aug 4, 2016 By Crissy Campbell

VR technology is developing at a rapid pace and students at the Centre for Digital Media have been busy testing different technologies and exploring the possibilities of VR. A group of 23 students from Communication University of China came to the Centre for Digital Media for the month...

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Computer Scientist-Turned Interactive Design Programmer: Meet MDM Student Shabnam Suresh Babu

Feb 23, 2016 By Crissy Campbell

This year’s first women-majority cohort was a major milestone for the Master of Digital Media program. Not only are there more women than men but these women are extremely talented individuals from all over the world. They have a ton of experience, excel in their fields and are eager...

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UX In Museums: Designing For Unique Experiences

Jan 26, 2016 By Crissy Campbell

By Darren Decoursey Student-pitched projects are a unique opportunity in the Master of Digital Media program. They allow students with entrepreneurial interests to pitch a startup idea to faculty and, if approved, the students spend a semester working on their pitched project. Last...

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Top Centre for Digital Media News Stories of 2015

Dec 8, 2015 By Crissy Campbell

2015 was a great year at the Centre for Digital Media. Dave Fracchia, our new full-time faculty member, was hired in the Spring. Construction on the new Emily Carr University campus started next door (and we’re excited for its opening in 2017!). We also had lots of terrific industry...

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Digital Media in Brazil

Nov 17, 2015 By Richard Smith

Centre for Digital Media’s director Richard Smith travelled to Brazil early this semester to connect with Brazil’s digital media industry. This is his account of the trip. The Centre for Digital Media has had many amazing students from Brazil in the past few years. Last September, in...

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3 Things We Learned Building a VR Experience

Nov 10, 2015 By Crissy Campbell

By Daniel Nascimento, Marina Lúcio, Guilherme Cunha, Alex Boyd and Victor Li Master of Digital Media students developed a virtual reality experience for their Immersive Environments ( IAT 445 ) class at SFU this past summer. Immersive Environments is an elective course that MDM...

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