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What's the Difference Between UX and UI Design?

Oct 2, 2014 By Anonymous

In the IT world, User Experience Design (UX) and User Interface Design (UI) are terms that are often used interchangeably. They both relate to the design of software, websites and applications, so the distinction can be blurry. What fits under UX? User Experience Design is about...

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The Internet of Things (IoT) and Digital Media

Sep 25, 2014 By Richard Smith

The Master of Digital Media program focuses on the interactive and engaging part of digital media. Could “internet of things” (IoT) applications be part of this? Are we really going to have games and stories that include bluetooth beacons and RFID tags? In a word, yes. What is the...

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6 Digital Media Pioneers Joining Minds at the Centre for Digital Media

Aug 14, 2014 By Richard Smith

What would happen if you put a bunch of creative pioneers in the field of digital media in the same room for three days? What if they were all not just meeting together but living in the same building, and having meals together? This intensive "hot house" environment was the premise of...

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MDM and IDEA-X Students Teaming Up On Digital Media Projects

Jul 17, 2014 By Crissy Campbell

MDM students are teaming up with IDEA-X students from China this summer to solve problems for real-world digital media clients. The 23 students from China are here for the next month as part of the IDEA-X program, a 4-week digital media bootcamp held at the Centre for Digital Media...

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New Research Network to Explore How Digital Media Can Improve Brain Health and Joint Health

May 22, 2014 By Crissy Campbell

Digital media has become an essential tool in mobilizing and enabling ordinary people to be engaged with their health care professionals and in the management of their own health. To explore this further, a new research network has just received funding from the Canadian Institutes of...

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MDM Student Team Building a Community for False Creek Flats

Apr 2, 2014 By Crissy Campbell

How do you build an active, engaged community of business owners in a developing area? Are there digital tools that can help bring a community together? A team of Master of Digital Media students is exploring these very ideas in their project this semester. Working with the Vancouver...

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Elephant Trails: How Old Technologies & Business Practices Continue to Influence Us

Mar 26, 2014 By Richard Smith

There is a saying in business that when developing a new product or service you should seek to "pave the elephant trails." This refers to the actual pathways through the forest left by elephants, and—by extension—the pathways through our lives that many people have followed and (...

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Vancouver’s Video Game Industry Is Thriving

Mar 20, 2014 By Crissy Campbell

Vancouver’s video game and digital media industries are thriving. The tech and games industry is booming with big companies—such as Facebook and Amazon—opening up offices in Vancouver and smaller studios—such as East Side Games, Black Tusk Studios and Roadhouse Interactive— winning...

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