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Meet our Pre-Master of Digital Media Students 2023/2024

March 21, 2024
Pre MDM students standing in front of Roedde House

The Pre-Master of Digital Media Program at Centre for Digital Media is a two-semester English for Specialized Purposes program designed to help students for whom English is an additional language prepare for entry into the Master of Digital Media (MDM). The program's unique hands-on learning empowers students to excel in the MDM and the tight bonds formed in the program ensures students have the support network needed.

Meet the 20023/2024 students!

Anning Wang

Anning Wang

Before I came to the CDM, I worked as a web and graphic designer for a website for over eight years. I also was a part-time reporter for an art media. My extensive interdisciplinary experiences have allowed me to tackle various 2D design projects and remain interested in unknown challenges. I joined the Pre-MDM program to strengthen my professional English proficiency while learning digital media fundamentals and expand my career prospects through better communication skills. I plan to collaborate with experienced faculty from the industry and talented students from diverse backgrounds to develop digital media products that solve real world problems. 

Xi Chen (CECE)

Xi (Cece) Chen

With a strong background in marketing and entrepreneurship, I've honed leadership, project management, and design skills. Driven by a passion for making a difference, I'm now exploring deeper into digital possibilities. My guiding principle, "Designing Tomorrow, Today," reflects my commitment to creating digital solutions that bring warmth and positive change to the world.


Nu (Yono) Yu

Digital Media was my major during my undergraduate period, which was the first time I dived deeply into this field. I had never been exposed to similar subjects before, and this major allowed me to explore everything about digital media around me from a new perspective, whether it was film, applications, design, or games. Throughout my four years of exploration at my university, I was fortunate to find my true passion—game development. This discovery made me realize that the knowledge gained from university studies alone was far from my goal; I needed to explore this field further. Therefore, I chose to join the Pre-MDM program to enhance my language skills through collaboration with classmates from different backgrounds and gain a deeper understanding of game development. This is an excellent opportunity to improve my professional skills through practical projects and cooperation, fulfilling my dream of profoundly engaging in game development.


Siqi (Skye) Liu

I am a 3D artist who enjoys bringing virtual worlds to life. During my undergraduate years and various internships, I’ve participated in many areas in the Game, Animation, and Toy industries, ultimately finding my true passion. I enjoy working on creative projects with people who specialize in different areas. Currently, I am refining my skills while studying at CDM. My ultimate goal is to create memorable visual experiences that resonate with people.

Ziyi (Zea) Liu

Ziyi (Zea) Liu

Nintendo fanatic is here! Super Mario platform game was the first video game I played as a child, where I gained tons of pleasure and inspiration. It set a seed in my mind. Then, I started my journey as a creator in various fields, from graphic design to short film production and game development. Studying at the Centre for Digital Media is a valuable experience. It provides an inclusive environment to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. I met a loveable group of friends (and co-workers, sometimes XD) and enjoy sharing crazy ideas with them. Now, I focus more on game design, and hopefully, I will get to know more people who will join my Nintendo game journey.

Wentao (Zoe) Sun, Artist & UX/UI Designer

Wentao (Zoe) Sun

Hey there! I'm a UI/UX and graphic designer with a keen eye for aesthetics. My journalism roots fuel my empathy and attention to detail in every project. I believe that digital media products are the answers to the issues of the present world, and I would like to contribute to this process with my expertise and vision as a designer. Please feel free to check my portfolio:  :) When I'm not designing, you'll find me lost in movies, browsing AO3, or jamming to Lana Del Rey.

Vedang Sonawane

Vedang Sonawane

I would like to call myself a project manager with an insatiable curiosity. I chose to come to Pre-MDM to upskill on a few of the many technical skills required for the MDM program. Coming from a humanities background, the program allowed me greater flexibility to undertake learning outside the classroom. I ended up hopping from one project room to another, asking countless questions and chatting with students, faculty, and staff. 


Jiaqi (Jean) Jing

Crafting dreams with pixels and code, I am a technical artist sculpting unreal worlds into reality. My undergraduate degree is in Game Design, and during internships, I found the direction I want to pursue in the future. I believe 3D art is the culmination of technology and artistry, offering limitless possibilities. Currently, I am refining my communication skills at CDM, engaging with individuals from diverse fields to collaborate and ignite fresh ideas. I am deeply drawn to the open, free, and inclusive atmosphere of North America and hope to embark on a brand new career path here.


Qi (Luna) Wang

I am an impassioned 2D artist with a rich background in the digital media industry. My proficiency extends to digital painting, video editing, 3D modelling, and more, allowing me to craft immersive and visually captivating design works. I was able to improve my idea-presenting skills and gain a deeper understanding of North American culture while studying in Pre-MDM. This program offers me a fertile ground to cultivate my creativity and expand my horizons. The core of my design philosophy is the art of storytelling—an art form that breathes life into my creations. With each project, I embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, constantly seeking out innovative approaches and techniques. I enjoy the excitement of trying something completely new and am ready to take on the adventure of achieving the same goals with creative souls in MDM.


Weitian Duan

I'm a technical artist and game designer. My main fields are procedural modelling and non-photorealistic rendering, but I would love to learn anything related to game development.

Chao Wang (DIV)

Chao (Div) Wang

I have always been a designer willing to try new things. Starting from graphic design, I periodically explore unfamiliar art fields, from static to dynamic design, from 3D rendering to AI painting. I have always had a strong curiosity for novel design domains. As a freelance designer, I continuously strive to integrate new technologies and concepts into formal business settings, pushing the boundaries of combining new media with commerce.


Jiatong (Elena) Li

I majored in 2D design during my undergraduate studies and used to work in video production. I've always been interested in design, which has motivated me to pursue endeavours requiring a deep level of creativity and imagination. Furthermore, I can combine my past experiences to create a better user experience for people. Thus, I joined the pre-MDM program to refine my foundational communication and critical thinking skills, aiming to collaborate effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds, empathize with their needs, and efficiently solve problems.


Jiayang (Akela) Huang

Through my past work and studying experiences, I witnessed the power of collaboration, which developed a keen interest in project management for me. Working with diverse teams, identifying each member's strengths, and collaborating to ensure smooth project progression energized me and brought immense satisfaction. I also have a strong passion for UX design. Throughout my experience, I've always focused on designing for users, making sure that every creation meets their needs and preferences. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute my strength to various projects. Fortunately, CDM has provided me with numerous opportunities to do so.


Qi (Alicia) Riu

During my undergraduate studies, I majored in Digital Media Technology, which sparked a strong interest in digital content creation, particularly in game-related industries. After graduation, I practiced my knowledge and previous project experience to work as a game designer for a game company. I applied for pre-MDM intending to further enhance my understanding of game design, gain practical game development skills, and collaborate with classmates from diverse professional backgrounds.