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Airlia Hansen

Airlia Hansen  | alumni

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Apr 2011 (Cohort 3)

Airlia has a multifaceted background, a mixture of art and science. She graduated with a BSc. in Primatology and a Minor in Music from the University of Calgary. Having also taken art throughout University she continued into the digital realm by starting a photography business. Working now at the Centre for Digital Media she has had the opportunity to develop her skills and move into the Game Industry. She has worked as a User Experience/Interaction Designer on many projects, including her internship with the Pogo team at EA in Montreal. She looks forward to working with inspiring teams and enhancing the way people interact with the entertainment they so enjoy.

Projects: AirStyx, Aquarium Adventure, Crash Craving, Digital Bridge, HTML5 Prototype , Ubu, Virtual Rainforest Initiative