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AR Navigation App with the BC Children’s Hospital Digital Lab

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BC Children's Hospital (BCCH) and Sunny Hill Health Centre, world-renowned for their pediatric care, face navigation challenges within their 1M+ square foot campus. Visitors and staff often struggle with finding their way due to the numerous facilities and varied signage, leading to appointment delays and clinic disruptions.

To address this, 6-Bit Studios is partnering with the BCCH Digital Lab to create an augmented reality (AR) navigation app primarily targeting parents, children and youth. Pairing various navigation technologies with Niantic Lightship, the MDM student team aims to develop a scalable MVP focusing on three main criteria:

1. Users can view AR navigation cues overlaid on their mobile device’s camera with intuitive controls and real-time directional indicators. 2. Users can search for specific departments, facilities, or services within the hospital. 3. The BCCH Digital Lab can easily add and modify navigation routes.

Future goals include incorporating child-friendly AR elements, multi-language support, and visual accessibility features depending on scope. Agile methodologies will guide this process, ensuring a highly workable app framework that BCCH Digital Lab can more closely tailor to the hospital’s needs.

Team 6-Bit Studios
Dec 2024 (Cohort 18)