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WOMP! is an award-winning collaborative multiplayer video game developed for Xbox Live’s Indie Games platform. The game won Best Student Game of 2011 at the 2nd Annual Canadian Videogame Awards. It was also the first recipient of Microsoft Game Studio's development grant in 2010. The game is designed to bridge the gap between players with different levels of gaming experience such as non-gamers, hard-core gamers, parents and their children, couples on a date, cats and dogs, you name it.

Players have to work together to move a flying contraption called the Wobblegong through a whimsical world. Each player is responsible for a single function of the flying contraption, and all interactions in the game are performed with only a single button on the controller.

Industry Mentor:  Brenda Gershkovitch, C.O.O. Deep Fried Entertainment

Apr 2010 (Cohort 2)