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Digital Replica with an Immersive Virtual Tour with Departure Lounge Inc.

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Flight Club is in collaboration with Departure Lounge Inc. and is aimed at building a digital replica of the Vancouver Departure Lounge Metastage Facility to support their Metaverse-related technology and content initiatives. Inside the virtual Departure Lounge studio, users can participate in a PC-based immersive virtual tour of the Metastage that showcases the process of using 3D volumetric capture and visualize the benefits of using this technology remotely. This allows our target audience, senior product managers in entertainment industries, to better understand how volumetric capture could improve efficiency and reduce the cost of their virtual production pipelines while maintaining authenticity by using true-to-life models.

The prototype will be used by Departure Lounge as a sales interface to help convince customers to adopt the 3D volumetric capture technology provided by the Metastage.

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Dec 2022 (Cohort 16)