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Non-Medical Communication Software with Providence Health

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In Canada, long-term care homes are grappling with critical staff shortages amidst a rapidly aging population. By 2050, the number of individuals aged 80 and over is expected to triple, intensifying the urgency of this staffing crisis. Currently, these care homes operate under a single-button call-bell system. This system, while simple, is inefficient and often leads to chaotic situations. Staff, unaware of the specific needs behind each call bell alert, are frequently misallocated. Nurses, whose skills are needed for medical tasks, are often found performing basic errands, such as fetching water, while support staff scramble to find medical personnel for urgent care needs. Additionally, the time-consuming process of addressing family inquiries about residents' wellbeing further disrupts workflow, leaving little time for meaningful interaction with residents, which is known to enhance job satisfaction among staff.

Our solution, tailored to Providence's specific requirements, revolutionizes this system by integrating the existing call bell setup into a comprehensive digital workflow. Utilizing a tablet-based platform, staff can now delegate and receive tasks more efficiently, ensuring that the right person responds to each specific need at the right time and location. Moreover, a dedicated resident profile page facilitates better understanding and communication with residents, promoting more meaningful interactions. For family members, this system offers peace of mind through real-time updates about their loved ones' activities and wellbeing, such as participation in music therapy or routine care like bathing. By implementing this innovative solution, long-term care homes can expect a more organized, efficient, and empathetic environment, ultimately enhancing the quality of care for residents and job satisfaction for staff.

Sunnyside team
Dec 2024 (Cohort 18)