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Shaping a New Digital Frontier in Youth Therapy with BC Children's Hospital Digital Lab

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SandScape initiative focuses on delivering an engaging, virtual sand tray therapy platform explicitly designed for children and teenagers in Vancouver who have experienced trauma and find traditional therapy challenging in collaboration with BC Children's Hospital Digital Lab.

Sandtray therapy has been a beacon of hope for many young minds grappling with traumatic experiences. However, its accessibility is often hindered by the physical limitations of the traditional sandtray setup — restricted space and the challenge of managing a large variety of assistive tools. Recognizing these constraints, SandSCape aims to transcend the boundaries of conventional therapy by leveraging the power of digital media to make sandtray therapy more accessible and engaging. This digital transformation is not merely a replication of the physical experience but an enhancement, filled with aspirational elements that captivate and engage young minds.Our goal is to bridge the gap between therapists and patients, offering an innovative solution that enhances the reach and effectiveness of sandtray therapy across Vancouver.

The multidisciplinary agile team ensures flexibility, responsiveness, and a continuous improvement mindset. We've been iterating quickly and efficiently through open communication, unleashed creativity, and rapid prototyping. Our team has employed the Unity engine to develop an interactive online experience that is functional but also immersive and engaging.

SandScape Team Photo
Dec 2024 (Cohort 18)