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Sheriff Training Simulation Project with Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC)

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Our project, the Recruit Sheriffs Training Simulation Project, is designed to enhance the skills and resilience of BC Sheriffs, particularly those recently trained, using innovative and engaging web-based simulations. The simulations will emulate the common use-of-force incidents faced by sheriffs and include scenarios requiring critical decision-making in diverse courthouse settings such as registries and courtrooms. These virtual exercises are cost-effective and accessible, designed in a 2.5D art style to enhance realism and engagement.

The project’s primary objectives include honing decision-making skills, particularly in high-stakes situations; teaching effective crisis de-escalation techniques; implementing a realistic use-of-force continuum; facilitating adaption to unique courthouse policies and regulations; and improving perception and description skills for an accurate recounting of incidents.

Moreover, the project aims to cultivate resilience, prepare recruits for public scrutiny, and foster emotional intelligence to maintain professionalism under pressure. It promotes ethical decision-making skills to navigate potential moral dilemmas and instills principles of peaceful conflict resolution. By immersing recruits in realistic, critical scenarios, this innovative approach to training equips them to handle their roles with enhanced confidence, competence, and empathy while ensuring job satisfaction and public safety.

Dec 2023 (Cohort 17)