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Entrepreneurship and the Master of Digital Media Program

Feb 6, 2017 By Chris Sroka

By Dennis Chenard. Should you get your Masters degree or pursue your start-up idea? Why not do both at the same time! For aspiring entrepreneurs and those who like a start-up culture that R&D/industry projects foster, the CDM has opportunities for students who want to form...

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Student Pitch Project Walkies get Accepted to HAX Hardware Accelerator

Jan 23, 2017 By Chris Sroka

With an idea that started in their first term at the CDM (Fall 2015), Walkies Lab Inc develops a smart wearable toy for toddlers that is fun to play and enhances their motor and intellectual development. In the Spring of 2016, the group pitched Walkies as a project they wanted to...

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The Pat Hibbitts Scholarship Award Winner: Andrea Del Rio

Jan 10, 2017 By Chris Sroka

The Pat Hibbitts Scholarship is awarded annually to an incoming female student into the Master of Digital Media program who is choosing to undergo a career change from a non digital media-related field into digital media. The scholarship is in honour of the late Pat Hibbitts, Simon...

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Alumni Testimonial: What Led Me to the MDM Program

Nov 21, 2016 By Chris Sroka

My name is Chris Sroka and I am a student/alumni from the 10th Cohort of the Master of Digital Media program at the Centre for Digital Media. I am a digital media producer, video editor and content creator focusing in Marketing. I’d like to share my experience before I came to the...

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Transitioning from Pitch Project to Start-Up with Quupe: the Shared Economy Platform

Nov 8, 2016 By Chris Sroka

In the third semester of the MDM program, students can decide to pitch an idea for their own project they would like to work on and spend 13 weeks bringing that idea to fruition. For many these students, it’s the first time they get the experience of working on their own to determine...

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Curating the Planets – A Galactic Design Jam For A Science Museum

Oct 11, 2016 By Chris Sroka

For the students of the Master of Digital Media program the first weekend of September is an intense experience. They are asked to create a digital prototype in 48 hours with a group of fellow students they have just met and they know little about. This year we asked them to create...

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Students Learn VR at 4 Week Boot Camp

Aug 4, 2016 By Crissy Campbell

VR technology is developing at a rapid pace and students at the Centre for Digital Media have been busy testing different technologies and exploring the possibilities of VR. A group of 23 students from Communication University of China came to the Centre for Digital Media for the month...

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Students Building an Online VR Escape Room for Older Adults

Jul 19, 2016 By Crissy Campbell

How can video game designers engage older generations with new technologies? How do older adults interact with technologies like VR and online social games? These are the questions a group of MDM students are exploring in their industry project this semester. Working with David Kaufman...

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