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An MDM Student’s Final Push at the CDM

Jun 8, 2015 By Anonymous

The third semester has just begun for Cohort 9 , and we’re in the final stretch before our internships begin! This is an important phase for all of us, as we hone all that we have learned in the MDM program, and make final preparations for stepping into our roles as digital media...

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Projects II Chronicles – Team Perspectives and Individual Lessons Learned

May 20, 2015 By dennis_chenard

As part of the Projects II term, one of the MDM student teams ( Maneki Neko ) developed several game concepts for PlayStation Vita. Throughout the project they were fortunate to receive mentorship and support from Mr. Takeshi Asano (Business Operation Department from Sony Computer...

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New Avenues: A Student’s Exploratory Journey Through the MDM

Mar 26, 2015 By Anonymous

A few years ago, I spent ten days at a meditation retreat. No talking, no screens, no books: just me and my mind for ten days straight. When you have so much time to yourself, you start thinking about thinking, and that’s when you start seeing the patterns of your brain. What I...

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Pitch Perfect! MDM Students Prepare to Pitch Their Startup Ideas

Feb 26, 2015 By Anonymous

There’s extra energy in the CDM hallways these days, and it comes from startup adrenaline. A couple of weeks from now, students that want to start their own companies will be pitching their business idea to a panel, and if they get green-lit they will work on their ideas for the next...

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MDM Students Use Virtual Reality Technology to Raise Awareness on Schizophrenia

Jan 28, 2015 By Anonymous

The famous movie A Beautiful Mind poignantly captures the struggles of the schizophrenic mathematician John Nash. Like many who suffer from this condition, Nash struggled to distinguish between hallucinations and reality. This aspect of schizophrenia is perhaps what makes it an...

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Looking Back: A Retrospective of my First Semester in the Master of Digital Media program

Jan 14, 2015 By Anonymous

In our project management lessons, we learnt the importance of doing a retrospective – so here it is! – a look-back at my first semester in the Master of Digital Media program. When I joined the Centre for Digital Media in September 2014, one of the first tasks we did in the...

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The Story of Mineblock: A Master of Digital Media Venture Internship

Dec 17, 2014 By Anonymous

The Story of Mineblock: Designing a Meta Product Every once in a while we are presented with opportunities that change your life. I am now in my forties, have had my fair share of opportunities that have changed my world, and I'm getting a knack for recognizing them when they come...

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7 Reasons to Choose the Master of Digital Media Program

Oct 16, 2014 By Crissy Campbell

Fall is the time of year when students interested in pursuing a masters degree start exploring the various options in post-graduate programs. It requires a lot of research and decision-making. Should you choose a professional masters program or a research-based program? How long do you...

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