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6 Skills You Need to Become a Digital Media Leader

Sep 15, 2021 By Elyse Economides

Working in the digital media industry requires a complex set of proficiencies. Because the industry merges science and technology with art and design, individuals employed in digital media jobs need to have a strong grasp of some key skills. Digital media includes everything from...

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Project Management Tips: How to Lead a Successful Retrospective Meeting

Jun 25, 2021 By Elyse Economides

Written by Tom Hackett Team Ethica aims to become a seamless addition to the online and in-person shopping experience that empowers users to support brands and companies that embrace ethical ideals. The team’s project manager, Tom, shared his insights into how to lead a successful...

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7 Steps to Choosing the Right Grad School

May 5, 2021 By Elyse Economides

Deciding on a graduate program is a tough decision. Going back to school is a huge commitment and you want to ensure that you choose the right program for you—one that aligns with both your career goals and your personal goals. There are several benefits to doing a graduate degree...

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MDM Alumni & Student Artwork Featured in Vancouver Mural Fest Winter Arts Event

Mar 24, 2021 By Elyse Economides

For the last half of February, public space across Vancouver’s core was transformed into an interactive, open-air gallery featuring Augmented Reality (AR) art by local and international artists. VMF Winter Arts combined the spirit of the annual Vancouver Mural Festival with innovative...

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Winners of 2021 Gerri Sinclair Award for Innovation in Digital Media Create Interactive Installation for a Post-Pandemic World

Mar 8, 2021 By Elyse Economides

Due to current NDA limitations, some project details are unable to be shared at this time. “What can the future of cultural spaces look like in a post-pandemic world?” In answer to this question, this year’s recipients of Centre for Digital Media’s Gerri Sinclair Award for Innovation...

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Entrepreneurship opportunities key to unlocking the full Master of Digital Media experience

Feb 18, 2021 By Elyse Economides

Tim Matindas knew the Master of Digital Media ( MDM ) program was the right fit for him after attending an information session. “Hearing that I could form a team to pitch an idea, and then receive support from faculty and the school every step of the way was an opportunity I knew I...

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5 Tips For a Killer Graduate School Portfolio

Jan 17, 2021 By Elyse Economides

A portfolio is an essential piece of your graduate school application. It shows your skills, but more importantly, it demonstrates your level of professionalism in how you’re able to present yourself and your work. Creating a portfolio is not easy. It takes time to decide how to focus...

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How Master of Digital Media Students Manage Remote Learning

Jan 12, 2021 By Elyse Economides

Although remote interactions defined our newest cohort’s first term of studies at Centre for Digital Media, the modified learning format also pushed them to find new ways to connect with their instructors and their peers from afar. The unexpected distance has not diminished the...

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