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Bill (Di) Zhao

MDM Faculty

Master of Digital Media Program
Bill Zhao

Bill Zhao is a senior interactive developer and Unity Certified Instructor, currently working at the Masters of Digital Media Program in Vancouver, Canada.

He is passionate about bringing entertainment elements and fostering creative expression to the many projects that he's involved in, taking advantage of collaborative thinking while always focused on user-experience. He also contributes to Unity3d and mobile project development, e-learning software development and course management tools. As a tech-lead ,one of his projects won top honours in the "Best New Business Opportunity" Category at Telefonica's Second Annual Research Fair. Bill was also a team member (with another faculty and several C13 students) on the international Niantic Developer Contest in which the team (Ninth Wonder) were in the Top 10.

He is a great communicator and understands the intricacies of Asian culture, successfully creating many industry and University relationships like the IDEA-X program. Bill is a natural teacher and likes to share his digital and artistic knowledge to inspire students while offering them the best learning tools.

His dream is to use digital media as a tool to improve the human condition.



Apr 2009 (Cohort 1)
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