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Industry Showcase 2020

During the Centre for Digital Media's first ever virtual Industry Showcase, over 200 guests registered to see what MDM students have been working on since September. Centre for Digital Media’s Annual Industry Showcase is a chance for industry guests to meet this year’s MDM students and an opportunity for MDM students to showcase their project work.

Showcase Welcome Video

Meet The Students


Ali Shafiei, Software Developer, https://alishafiei.com

Amber Yuan, Game Developer/Software Engineer

Ghanashyam Sateesh, Developer (3D, Front-end, App)/UI/UX Designer, G7495x.github.io

Irene Mayor, Full-Stack Software Developer, irenehmayor.me

Jieming (Emily) Yao, Gameplay Programmer/Technical Designer, https://jmyao.myportfolio.com

Steve (Wentao) Zhang, Front-End Developer, https://github.com/SteveZhangCDM

Vikrant Rajan, Software Developer, http://vikrantrajan.com

Ye Lan, Front-End Developer    

Yuankun (Kun) Huang, Gameplay Programmer, foreverbean.myportfolio.com    


Allyson Zhong, UX Designer/Project Manager, https://allysonzhong.myportfolio.com   

Anastassiya Zyablova, UX/UI Designer/Graphic Designer, https://anazyablova.com

Andre (Jieheng) Wang, Animator/Editor/3D Artist, https://www.pillowkiller.net

Celina Wang, UX Designer/Product Manager, https://celinawang0304.wixsite.com/portfolio

Courtney Clarkson, UX Design/Research, https://www.courtney-clarkson.com

Elaine Han, UX/UI Designer/Graphic Designer, https://www.behance.net/elainehan199502f8

Eugene Chau, UX Designer/Researcher/Data Analyst, https://www.eugchau.com                            

Eugenia Orozco, 3D Animator, https://vimeo.com/423750661                         

Farbod Tabaei, Technical Artist/Architect/Concept Artist/Game Designer, www.farbodtabaei.com, https://www.artstation.com/farbodtabaei

Irene Sasaki, Product Designer/Visual Artist & Designer, isasaki.com

Isabel Hughes, Graphic/Digital Designer/Marketing/Communications, https://www.isabelkhughes.com

Israa Qeroof, UX/UI & Product Designer, http://www.israaa.com

Janette (Zhichun) Li, UX Designer, https://www.janetteli.com

Jian Shi, Concept Artist/2D Artist, https://jianshiart.artstation.com 

Julia Read, User Interface Lead/Creative Director/Art Director, https://www.supercell3.com

Kouis Ou, UX Designer, http://www.kouistyle.com

Kyle Qi Liu, Compositor/3D Artist/Technical Artist, http://digitalcat.top/, https://kyle_qi_liu.artstation.com

Lam Kwan, Graphic/UI/UX/Product Designer, http://lamkwan.com

Lena Atzaba, Senior UX/UI Designer, https://multilena.com

Leo Chen, Technical Artist(Rigger), https://leochaochen.wixsite.com/leochen

Low Shyen-Yi, Product Designer/Installation Artist, https://shyen-yi.github.io/lowshyenyiportfolio/

Luisa Martinez Riano, UI/UX Designer, https://luisamartinezr.com

Parastou Jodeiri Heidari, Concept Artist/2D Animator/Graphics Designer/Motion Graphics Designer/Character Designer/Art Director, http://parastou-heidari.com/, https://parastou.artstation.com

Rainie Han, UX/Product Designer, https://rainiehan.com 

Rosa Cebolla Perpiña, Game Designer, http://www.rosaceper.com

Santiago Sotomayor, Game Designer/UI/UX Designer, https://sotomayordesign.squarespace.com

Valentina Forte-Hernandez, Educator/Author/Filmmaker, https://valbean.com

Vithoon Mehra, UX-UI/Product Designer, https://vithoonmehra.com

Xinlin (Bigger) Yang, Game Operations Specialist, xlyang.com

YiHsin Feng, 2D Artist/Concept Artist, https://www.artstation.com/yihsinfeng

Yuan Zhang, 3D lighting Artist/Modeler, https://www.artstation.com/lionssong


Jaclynn Wong, Project Manager/Production Coordinator/Producer, https://my.thecdm.ca/jaclynn

Jaymie Pizarro, Product Manager/UX/UI Designer, https://jaymiepizarro.com

Jiaxi (Cathy) Lu, UX/UI Designer/Product Manager, https://cathielu.com

Liam Fisher, Writer/Producer, https://www.clippings.me/liamfisher

Maple Shi, Project Manager/Product Owner, runmiaoshi.net

Meg Dimma, Marketing/Communications/Project Manager, https://www.megdimma.com

Mohit Malhotra, Project Manager/Production Coordinator/Scrum Master/Product Owner, http://mohmalhotra.com

Ruby (Jiahong) Zhang, Product Manager/Product Designer/UX Designer, http://rubyzhang.site, https://www.linkedin.com/in/rubyzhang5687

Sooq Won, Creative Director/Interactive Media Artist, https://my.thecdm.ca/sooq

Sumaer Hussain, Marketing/Communications Specialist/Project Manager, http://www.sumaerhussain.com

Terence Yung, Media Director/Visual Designer, terenceyung.ca

Yang (Alessandra) Huang, Product(UI/UX/IX) Designer/Product Manager, https://yhadesign.com

Yi Bie, Video Producer/UI Designer/Front-End Dev, http://ybiespace.com 

Watch Student Project Videos

Projects 1 Example

Projects 2 Example

Projects 3 Example

Watch the Industry Showcase 2020 Presentation

To connect about posting for interns, job postings or partnering on industry projects please connect with dennis_chenard@thecdm.ca.

Our 2021 Showcase takes place on Thursday, July 8th from 4:00 - 5:00 pm (pt). Register your spot here.